YL’s Curry Bowl – Rebranding

YL’s Curry Bowl – Rebranding

YL’s Curry Bowl is a local eatery that is passionate about bringing its customers the most authentic Malaysian-style cuisine. YL’s inspires people to have a good meal every day and enjoy it with friends and family.

During the pandemic, YL’s Curry Bowl came to us for solutions to increase online presence and make it easier for customers to order meals online. Having been around since 2008, they wanted to update the brand with a fresh look and appeal to the growing younger crowds and families residing in North Surrey, BC. So, we came up with a new icon that looked aesthetic and simplistic that would work within the digital space and social media.

Our tasks with YL’s Curry Bowl involved: rebranding, including a flat design logo for a cleaner, more modern look, designing a brand new website featuring online ordering and an in-page shopping cart, performing a photoshoot session to showcase the quality of food (photography by Mayowill), and building a social media campaign to promote the online ordering for their Family Combos.

Local businesses are an important piece of the fabric of Metro Vancouver’s culture. We loved working with Yvonne and her team who always prepare your food with passion and love.

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