TCLIP – Introduction Video

TCLIP – Introduction Video

The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TCLIP) brings community leaders and organizations together to develop welcoming and inclusive communities, where established residents and newcomers feel a sense of belonging and attachment.

TCLIP had a vision for a short, 1-minute video to introduce themselves with the goal of appealing to prospective stakeholders, such as community leaders and organizations, to join the TCLIP network.
The video started with an idea and a statistical document where we extracted the most important information to compose a 1-minute script. From the script, we discussed how to visually represent the programs on the storyboard. The Tri-Cities area is known for its surrounding forest and nature so we decided to tell the story using trees as a metaphor for the growth of the immigrants in their new environment.

After a few sketches, the designer drew up the storyboard with the idea that each scene would use layers and paper cut-outs. When you look closely, you can see Tri-Cities’ Golden Ears Bridge and surrounding forests in the background with the shaded texture and border cut-outs of the plants, trees and people in the foreground.

Working with the TCLIP was a great experience in figuring out how to incorporate different ideas and bring them to life.

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