Aroma Tea House – Branding and Packaging

Aroma Tea House – Branding and Packaging

Aroma Tea House was established in Vancouver in 2001 with roots being in Hong Kong since 1955. Through their Asian-Canadian-owned business, they have created a community for tea lovers and fostered many friendships. Thus, their motto: making tea, making friends. 

Aroma Tea House came to pixel human to redesign and elevate its branding including the logo, shop signs, and packaging. When designing the logo, we decided on a bold monogram to stand out to young tea enthusiasts. This logo features a large letter serif ‘A’, which gives the brand a sophisticated look. For a fun touch, a teacup is cleverly hidden in the white space. Our aim was to create a versatile logo that could effectively represent their brand across various mediums, from large-scale applications such as signage to smaller digital displays, ensuring its recognition and impact both in print and digital spaces.

For their packaging, Aroma Tea House trusted us to come up with a solution that would do justice to their premium Chinese tea, both for retail and wholesale purposes. We are proud to showcase the end result – a beautiful, elegant, and clean design that features a custom abstract art depicting the key elements that go into growing premium tea leaves: mountains, air, tea fields, and water. The design not only reflects the high quality of the product but also conveys the brand’s ethos of celebrating life and health through tea. In keeping with this message, we incorporated the motto ‘Making Tea, Making Friends’ to highlight the brand’s focus on building connections and fostering a sense of community. 

We are delighted to have partnered with Aroma Tea House on this project and to have created a packaging design that truly captures the essence of their brand.

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