No.9 Restaurant – UI/UX

No.9 Restaurant – UI/UX

No.9 Restaurant is a family-oriented restaurant that specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine open 24/7. They serve some of your favourites such as wonton, fried rice and chow mein.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many restaurants closed their doors temporarily, but as restrictions started to ease, restaurants opened their doors but with limited resources and availability. Government guidelines called for measures in improving personal hygiene, so with our help, No.9 Restaurant found a way to reduce the use of its physical menu. We worked with No.9 Restaurant to create a simple, fully responsive menu with a user interface that could be easily accessed on a personal laptop, tablet, and most importantly a mobile phone, with access to all of their specialty menus.

One of the bigger challenges was the size and complexity of the menus – No.9 Restaurant has many specialty menus that are served at specific hours of the day. Our goal was to simplify this for the customer so that they would know exactly which menus they could order from whenever they came to eat at No.9 Restaurant.

Our solution was to design an interface that displays certain menus during specific hours of the day. Whether coming in for breakfast, dinner, or a late-night snack, the home screen always displays which menus can be ordered from and explored with just a few easy clicks. As an added feature, the customer is also greeted with a message that corresponds to the hour of the day. All of this is easily updated anytime via the customized content management system (CMS), which makes for happy clients.

We are very satisfied with the work we’ve done with the No.9 Restaurant menu and are proud of how simple it is to use. The pandemic brought forth many challenges but we have realized that we can be strong and overcome those challenges together even though we are apart.


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