Goodness Distributors – Brand and Digital Strategies

Goodness Distributors – Brand and Digital Strategies

Goodness Distributors is a house of brands local to Metro Vancouver that distributes health-conscious food products and recyclable materials such as eco-friendly paper bags and thermal paper rolls. Their goal is to offer good products for families to bring into their homes for a good life, and to maintain good health, hence the tagline – Good Life, Good Health, Good Product.

Our work with Goodness Distributors involved many parts, starting with the logo and branding. Because of their platform for use of eco-friendly and local products, we designed the logo and branding with an organic feel. Take note of the logo’s lettermark with ragged edges and of the branding of the lettering and stationery being done on 100% recycled paper. The colours green and brown were selected to represent the neutral tones of the earth.

Building on the brand, we worked on the Goodness Distributors website. We worked closely with the client to develop the website content, optimized the website for search engines (SEO) and developed stories. We took branding elements that combined both the branding of the product brand and of Goodness Distributors to build a harmonious section for each brand. Colours, shapes and moveable elements were all taken into account when building the website whether the customer was looking at it on a desktop computer or on their mobile devices. We also executed an on-location photography session with our professional photographer to capture the energy of the team members, their cooperate office and the warehouse.

From there, we have worked continuously with Goodness Distributors to come up with new ways to improve their brand strategies, such as designing the official Goodness Distributors truck and EV wraps.

We love working with organizations like Goodness Distributors with a goal of sustainability so that we can design their brand around their beliefs and values.

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