Composure Coaching – Branding, Logo, Web Design

Composure Coaching – Branding, Logo, Web Design

Composure Coaching by Audra Mah offers programs with the goal of helping business-minded moms find and maintain balance. As a Life and Relationship Coach certified in Strategic Intervention and the Activation™ Method, Audra has strategies that help clients gain clarity and bring balance into their daily life.

When Audra contacted us, she had already started coaching but needed to brand her business and bring it online. The first step was to create a logo and give it personality. After meeting with Audra, we realized that Composure Coaching was all about the mindset of calm and balance. The muted lavender colour of the branding is soft, welcoming and therapeutic.

For the logo, we applied the concepts of calm and balance using ripples and waves. When a droplet touches the water, a smooth ripple appears. The drop becomes the center of the ripples and spreads over the water and eventually, the water becomes still. This process emits a calm flow which also implies that one action causes a ripple effect. Perform a positive action and others will receive it and share it.

When bringing Composure Coaching online, we explored a few website style options and wanted to ensure the feeling of balance and calm was also represented in the flow of the website. One of the key features includes wavey lines as section breaks, ripple effects throughout the site, and spots gliding across the page like a calm breeze to make visitors to the website feel at ease. 


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