S.U.C.C.E.S.S. AEIP – Program Video

AEIP – Program Video

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP) provides pre-arrival settlement and employment services for eligible clients as well as Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) candidates for their new life in Canada.

To promote their services, AEIP sought to update their program video by creating a short 3-4 minute video to introduce their programs. They came to pixel human to discuss their vision, which included testimonials from their clients but were open to suggestions on the style and design of the visuals. Starting with the storyboard and script, we laid out the groundwork of combining animation with live testimonial footage using line art to thread itself through each scene.

For the testimonials, since the participating clients were spread across Canada, our ace videographer conducted the interviews through Zoom’s video calling platform. We instructed the clients to be situated in a quiet room with good lighting while using a high-quality recording device for the video call interview. We prepared and sent the clients a set of questions so that they could prepare and bring out their personalities during the conversation. Even though we only used 3 short segments of the videos for the program video, each interview would later be edited as their own individual testimonial videos, which you can find on the AEIP website.

As the video footage was being prepared our team designed the line art for each scene and animated it to bring it to life. We also prepared the voiceover for the script that would describe the programs, leading up to the testimonials. Once the animation, footage and voiceover were ready, we brought it all together to create a beautiful production that involved many active, engaging participants, telling their stories.

In sum, our process involved:

  • Script consultation & planning
  • Storyboarding, line art design & animation
  • Video recording, interview, video editing & transcription
  • Voiceover recording, editing & subtitles

The process required a lot of ideas and creativity and we’re happy with the results. We hope that this video inspires newcomers to Canada to participate in AEIP’s great programs for seamless integration into their new life in Canada.

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