Avenue Tap – Branding & Packaging Design

Avenue Tap – Branding & Packaging Design

Avenue Tap: On-tap freshness right in your hands.

Avenue Tap is everything that we love about city life. It’s fresh, urban and modern with a hint of hipster vibes just like their customers who pay attention to detail and appreciate products that promote good health and good life. We worked closely with Avenue Tap from the early stages of conception. We started with planning and developing their brand of kombucha by working on the brand strategy and positioning. This meant coming up with the name, tagline and brand personality. 

Brewed locally in Langley, BC, Avenue Tap brings fresh kombucha to its residents of Metro Vancouver. The name is urban and represents city life and we created a logo that mimics crossing street signs. To add to Avenue Tap’s personality, we carefully selected an urban-style font and included branding elements such as graffiti and hand-drawn ingredients to capture the local and rustic vibe. We were also involved in selecting and designing the bottle, which can be hand-held and transparent to show the natural colour of the kombucha. Customers will notice an embossing of “Avenue Tap” directly on the bottle and added elements on the cap to give each Avenue Tap bottle a personal touch. 

Each flavour also has its unique identity so we came up with unique names to give each flavour its own personality. To stand out from one another, we also added different colours to easily identify each flavour of Avenue Tap kombucha. We are incredibly proud of seeing this project from its conception to being on the shelves of BCs local markets.


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