S.U.C.C.E.S.S. AEIP – CCE E-Learning Videos

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. AEIP – CCE E-Learning Videos

The AEIP Canada CareerExpress program (CCE) focuses on educating newcomers to Canada about employment in Canada. They have prepared 8 lesson plans through 3 modules with up to 3 sessions per module. Each session focuses on teaching about the Canadian labour market, writing resumes and cover letters, and interview preparation. Our work with CCE involved animating their education sessions.

Our process involved:

  • Script consultation
  • Character design
  • Storyboarding
  • Voiceover recording and editing
  • Animation

Each video lesson involved a lot of information, gathered by the client and then placed into a script. One of the challenges with the script was the initial length. Our job was to make it more concise while maintaining the relevant information.

With the characters and storyboarding, our challenge was to capture the relevant information on-screen without relying too much on words. Each storyboard page had a section to describe the animation so that the client had an idea of how things might move on the page. Each module also had a different colour scheme to differentiate it from one another. To keep things consistent and on brand with the program, we created the characters and animation using the same style.

Once the storyboards and scripts were confirmed, it was time for voiceover recording and animation. We went through a selection process of choosing a couple of voices to represent the CCE sessions, looking for a clear voice with a steady tone that was easy to listen to. We then use the voiceover recordings and added them to the animations, ensuring the timing of text and character entrances and movements made sense.

When the animation was confirmed, we added the subtitles. We did several checks to ensure the subtitles were accurate to the voiceover so that the videos are ready to present to eager newcomers to Canada learning about the labour market.

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