Live Unlimited – Logo & Branding

Live Unlimited – Logo, Branding

Live Unlimited is a network of entrepreneurs helping startups connect, create and give back to the community. Their goal is to set out and assist other young entrepreneurs in creating a successful business.

Our team worked with the founders of Live Unlimited to establish a strong and prestigious-looking brand. Starting with the logo, we submitted various options playing with the letters L and U to help provide a visual representation of the name. Once the branding and art direction were decided, we worked on the logo, logotype, font choice and colour scheme to differentiate different levels of membership within the Live Unlimited community.

After the logo and branding were established, we developed several applications including apparel for the team and members, a mobile app UI prototype, presentation templates and membership cards.

We were excited to work with Live Unlimited on their logo and branding because we are inspired by young entrepreneurs who are in pursuit of their dreams. We love collaborating with young entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

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