Mindful Elephant – Logo & Branding

Mindful Elephant – Logo, Branding

Mindful Elephant is a Vancouver-based company that sells coconut products in the Metro Vancouver area.

We worked with the client to develop the brand from the ground up. Knowing that there would be products such as coconut water and coconut milk, we came up with a variety of options for names and ultimately landed on “Mindful Elephant”; “Mindful” to represent thoughtfulness and “Elephant” to represent a family.

What is “Mindful Elephant”? How does it make you feel when you look at it? It was time to create a logo and a brand identity.
Our goal was to design a brand that was soft, fun and inviting. We came up with several design boards with various styles, fonts and colours to pitch to the Mindful Elephant team. As for imagery, our illustrator hand-drew a watercolour-style elephant inside a coconut; it was perfect for the style of the brand. The elephant in the coconut was also included in the logo icon.

Next, we decided on the exact branding colours and discussed a branding guideline. We created a branding guideline to help anyone who needed to use the logo as part of a design or document. The guideline goes over the details on how to use the logo, for example, colour usage, respective space, the maximum and minimum size of the logo, and how the logo can be displayed over different backgrounds.

Finally, we worked on giving the brand a mood and personality over social media. Our goal on social media was to promote mindfulness, well-being and family. You’ll notice that many of the posts revolve around cooking with family or taking time to reflect. We also include quotes to inspire us and others to be mindful of others.

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