Sources Community Resources Society – Annual Reports

Sources Community Resources Society – Annual Reports

Sources Community Resources Society (SOURCES) has been a steadfast beacon of support, encouragement, and hope for individuals and families in White Rock, Surrey, Delta, Langley, Prince George, Parksville, and beyond since its inception in 1978. As an internationally accredited, community-based, not-for-profit agency, SOURCES plays a vital role in uplifting communities.

SOURCES entrusted our team with the crucial task of designing their annual reports for this year—one for the Society and one for the Foundation, each with its unique mission. They sought a fresh design and creative approach that embodied the essence of their dynamic, friendly, and community-focused organization.

In close collaboration with the client, we delved into this year’s theme: “Creating Impact.” This powerful keyword resonated with SOURCES’ commitment to making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve. Furthermore, the client emphasized the importance of promoting inclusion, diversity and community within the design theme. For the Society report, we use the tagline “Overcoming Adversity with Diversity” to encapsulate the spirit of SOURCES’ work beautifully.

The goal was twofold: readability and capturing the profound impact of SOURCES’ services. We played with contrasting font sizes to highlight results clearly. Infographics were employed to inject vibrancy and enhance readability. We used icons to infographics and highlighted specific statistics and results to emphasize outstanding points.

To echo the message of inclusion and diversity, we utilized graceful, flowing rainbow lines. These lines represent diversity of people in all walks of life and seamlessly connects the cover art of both reports, creating a visual bond that carried through to the front and back covers. It was a subtle yet powerful symbol of SOURCES’ commitment to unity.

In the world of design, consistency is paramount. We paid meticulous attention to ensure that SOURCES’ brand colors were faithfully and consistently used throughout both reports. This not only reinforced the organization’s identity but also contributed to the overall cohesion of the project.

We extend our deepest gratitude to SOURCES for entrusting us with the responsibility of producing this year’s annual reports. These reports serve as a testament to the remarkable success of the services SOURCES provides. We take pride in our role in documenting this meaningful journey.

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