Avenue Springs – Branding

Avenue Springs – Branding

The Avenue Springs project involved launching a premium alkaline ozonated natural spring water brand with a pH level of 8+ in North America. We navigated the saturated market, positioning Avenue Springs for success. The name ‘Avenue Springs’ was born from a brainstorming session, reflecting exclusivity and quality.

We opted for a wordmark design, customizing fonts for typographic elegance. Two bottle sizes posed a challenge, but we designed a dieline meeting production and cost standards. Adhering to CFIA requirements ensured Avenue Springs’ entry into the North American market.

Our design features a deep black matte canvas with a crystal-clear label, symbolizing premium quality. A hidden maple leaf adds a whimsical touch, engaging consumers in a treasure hunt.

The Avenue Springs project showcases our dedication and creativity. It stands as a symbol of elegance and refreshment, surpassing competitors. Stay tuned for more projects as pixel human continues pushing design boundaries.

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