Staroid – Logo, Branding & Website Design

Staroid – Logo, Branding

Staroid is the world’s first open-source software delivery and deployment platform to help enterprises install, deploy, and maintain open-source projects. Staroid empowers developers to publish, deliver, and monetize their open-source projects hassle-free. Developers just need to push their commits, Staroid will take care of the rest. The founder of Staroid was featured as one of the breakout speakers in the Open Core Summit 2020.

Our work with Staroid involved rebranding their company style, beginning with the logo. The logo design began with a rocket and started to take shape of a star. It also takes shape of an android and was coined as a “star-shaped android” or a “staroid”. Then comes the branding. The branding uses a series of styles which combines programming with outer space. The colours used in this brand style are extracted from space while the different programming symbols are displayed to symbolize the stars. It gives Staroid a fun and classic vibe.

Once the logo and style was ready, it was time to apply the new rebranding scheme to Staroid’s current website. With a definition of shapes and colours, we communicated with the team to give the website a new paint job.

We worked closely with the founder and investors to establish a strong branding foundation and meet the business objectives. We believe we have curated a strong relationship with the team and we send our best to Staroid’s success in many years to come.

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