Lemon Butter Babies – Logo Design & Website

Lemon Butter Babies – Logo Design & Website

Lemon Butter Babies is a luxury baby clothing brand that represents a fun, classic and sophisticated style.

Each part of the name distinctly represents the brand: “Lemon” showcases the bright,  cute and classic style; “Butter” represents the soft, light texture of the fabric; and “Babies”, above being the tailored audience, are adorable, warm and cuddly.

The clothing designs are selected to inspire nostalgic moments between families and their children. The clothing encourages the children to be creative, different, and leave a positive impact on the world; after all, children are the future.

The website, launched in April 2020, is a beautifully curated collection of clothes for babies and toddlers. The design is clean, friendly, and sophisticated, complete with a lookbook full of children who the designer shares a close, personal connection with. Hosted on Shopify, the website is easy for the designer to navigate to give each section a personal touch.

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*Items pictured are of concept mocks. Actual product packaging may differ.