Magnet Beauty – Pitching Deck, Website Development

Magnet Beauty – Pitching Deck, Website Development

Magnet is a fast-growing Conversational Cloud Platform built for the Beauty Industry. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the online revenue stream for the beauty industry grew at its fastest pace in history as more consumers opted to shop from home and online instead of shopping at retail stores. However, online beauty brands face the challenge of providing personalized sales services to consumers seeking beauty advice, as could be accessed in-store. 

Magnet’s solution to providing personalized, online consultations to online consumers using their conversational cloud platform led Magnet to experience a high growth and expansion phase. To keep up with their expansion, Magnet sought to partner with investors to raise capital and meet the demand for growth. 

We worked closely with Magnet and the venture capital team to prepare a fresh venture capital pitching deck to show potential investors the business impact of the beauty industry. Our goal for the pitching deck was to communicate Magnet’s vision, industry statistics and growth potential by displaying their information and infographics within a clean and simple layout. We understand that time is money, especially in the VC world, so our challenge was to explain the complex information in an efficient and effective manner. The result was a highly functional pitching deck that was ready for the client’s next big meeting.



Magnet was in need of a new website to showcase to online beauty brands how their conversational cloud works and how it can help online stores to engage consumers and convert visitors into customers. We worked with Magnet to build their website with demo videos about their product and a step-by-step infographic to explain how simple the product can be integrated with any website. 

For the website design, we kept the user interface simple and intuitive for easy navigation. We also used uniquely branded icons to illustrate the product’s functions and keep the website consistent. We kept a keen eye on each section of the website to ensure that the spacing, typography, colours and scaling was consistent and that the most important information stood out most. We used Adobe XD to plan the layout of media so that Magnet’s website would effectively demonstrate the functions and features of the product. Overall, we achieved a clean layout that focused on Magnet’s product and its features.


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