City Avenue Market – Brand Identity & Website

City Avenue Market – Brand Identity & Website

City Avenue Market is a B.C. owned and operated neighbourhood market serving its local communities. City Avenue Market is ecologically mindful and exercises sustainable environmentally-conscious practices. They strive to source their products to produce the lowest environmental footprint possible.

We worked with City Avenue Market from the start, beginning with its name. With a thought out idea of the branding behind the names, we went through a selection process that gave a story and a feel to each name. We eventually landed on City Avenue Market, an urban market with a rustic feel.

The next step was the logo to really seal the brand. After several versions, we found the design that fit just right; a design using a classic font with rough edges, giving off the feeling of a stamp used to mark the store. From that point, the rest of the branding elements came easily with individual line art for each store, wooden-style signs, rustic and organic produce art, and unsaturated colours. With newly-designed gift cards, paper grocery bags, and point-of-sales designs, City Avenue Market was almost ready to make its mark.

The website was the next major step to getting ready for launch. We jumped in with a fresh look and design to put together an amazing piece to be proud of. With beautifully executed design elements, we are proud to show off the work of our great team.

City Avenue Market officially rolled out December 2019 with a new website and new look, but with the same family values since 1986.

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